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[ccp4bb] Job posting: Postdoctoral position in X-ray crystallography and protein biochemistry

A postdoctoral position Bardwell Lab at the University of Michigan and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute is available for an expert in X-ray crystallography and protein biochemistry. The Bardwell laboratory focuses on discovering and characterizing new chaperone proteins, including structural dissection of chaperone mechanism. The lab is well funded by both HHMI and NIH sources, and features state-of-the-art crystallography and biophysics equipment. The incoming postdoc will have the benefit of interfacing with the strong structural biology community at University of Michigan, including the Center for Structural Biology, as well as priority access to LS-CAT at the Advanced Photon Source. Examples of recent crystallography publications from the Bardwell lab are below. Interested applicants should send CV and statement of interest to James Bardwell at jbardwel@umich.edu.

Recent Bardwell lab crystallography projects: