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Re: [ccp4bb] A postdoctoral position in structural biology is available at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

CryoEM post-doctoral positions are available at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore.


Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School is a global partnership between Duke University in the US and the National University of Singapore. Two post-doctoral positions with competitive salary packages are available at the laboratory of Shee-Mei Lok (http://www.loksheemeilab.com/) in the Emerging Infectious Disease program of the Duke-NUS.  Projects undertaken by the post-doc will lead to further understanding of the neutralization mechanism of various antiviral therapeutics against flavivirus/alphaviruses viruses. Individuals with experience in x-ray crystallography and/or cryoEM image reconstruction are highly desirable.

            Our lab uses the cryoEM facility at the National University of Singapore (NUS), which houses a Titan Krios. We also collaborate extensively with other biophysical groups in Singapore that use techniques such as Deuterium Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry (DHXMS) and Molecular Dynamic Simulations (MDS). Successful applicants will have opportunities to learn across multiple disciplines for studying virus structures: virology, immunology, x-ray crystallography, cryoEM single particle analysis, CryoEM tomography, DHXMS and MDS.

            Singapore is a modern city state and with easy access to nearby exotic destinations in South East Asia. We also have excellent Asian cuisines.


Anthony Bourdain on Singapore’s food scene: “Singapore is possibly the most food-centric place on Earth, with the most enthusiastic diners, the most varied and abundant, affordable dishes — available for cheap — on a per-square-mile basis. The hawker centers (basically, food courts where individually-owned mom and pop operations serve street food from tiny shops and booths) are wonderlands of Chinese, Indian, and Malay specialties. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel making food porn in Singapore.”


Interested individuals should send their CV, experience, research interest, and a list of three referees to Dr Shee-mei Lok at this email: sheemei.lok@duke-nus.edu.sg.



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