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[ccp4bb] Full professor position at the University of Buffalo in Biological Applications of X-ray Free Electron Lasers

Dear All,

For anyone that may be interested - see the contact details at the full description i.e. don't send me applications :) 

The University at Buffalo seeks applications and nominations to fill a newly created, full professor position in the area, broadly defined, of the use of x-ray lasers in life sciences, chemistry, or materials sciences. Appointment will be made in an appropriate School and Department, depending on the background and desires of the candidate. The successful candidate will also be a key leader in the BioXFEL Center (https://www.bioxfel.org/ ). This NSF-funded Science and Technology Center is transforming how structural biology is done by developing the use of X-ray lasers to: make "molecular movies" that capture the functional motions of biological molecules in atomic detail; determine protein structures from nanocrystals a hundred times smaller than crystals that can be used today at conventional x-ray sources; and develop the capacity to determine the structures of single particles. 

The University at Buffalo seeks to use this Center award as leverage to develop a strong research and academic presence in x-ray laser science. This Center's interdisciplinary effort spans investigations at the interface of materials science and engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, biochemistry, and biology. Through a focus on graduate student education and other educational programs it will empower future generations in science and engineering. 

The full description can be found here: https://www.ubjobs.buffalo.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=59257

For administrative reasons the post is listed within the UB School of Engineering, but in reality it can be held in any School within the University, so that appointment in Physics or Structural Biology, for example, would be possible.




The High-throughput Crystallization Center - Our expertise, Your results: http://hwi.buffalo.edu/science/high-throughput-crystallization-center/

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