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[ccp4bb] NovoNordisk postdoctoral fellowships at the SGC, University of Oxford: Structural Biology of Diabetes & Obesity

Dear all,


We are currently advertising two structural biology projects, under the Novo Nordisk Fellowship Programme, to be based in the University of Oxford.

The two projects focus on the themes of  'Structure-guided target discovery for diabetes and obesity', in the groups of Liz Carpenter and Wyatt Yue at the SGC.

1. X-ray and CryoEM Structures for Novel Human Membrane Protein Targets in Diabetes and Obesity


2. Translating structural biology, cell biology to therapy for novel diabetes targets


The Novo Nordisk Fellowship programme, aimed at early-career basic-science researchers (PhD graduates, early postdocs), provides 3 years generous funding of salary, travel allowance, and consumables, to develop leaders and scientific excellence in the field of diabetes and metabolism.


Interested applicants please refer to http://www.rdm.ox.ac.uk/how-to-apply-2 for application instructions

Informal enquires can be made to Liz Carpenter (liz.carpenter@sgc.ox.ac.uk) and Wyatt Yue (wyatt.yue@sgc.ox.ac.uk)