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[ccp4bb] XChem user progamme: recruiting staff

Dear MXers

We are recruiting two scientists to Diamond's XChem facility to expand its user programme for crystallographic fragment screening. 

The facility, set up at beamline I04-1 in partnership with the SGC-Oxford, is now routinely hosting users every week, allowing them to find convincing fragment hits with a few days' worth of experiments.  In 2017, over 30 users measured over 35,000 crystals in academic and industrial XChem experiments.

Demand has been steadily increasing, and along with expanding the lab facilities and available beamtime, we are setting up a dedicated team that will be responsible for streamlining academic and industrial access, and developing the methods to extend the experiment's scope and ensure the programme is robust in the longer term. 

Recruitment details are here and here (advertised separately for admin reasons).

Prof Frank von Delft

Principal Beamline Scientist: I04-1
Diamond Light Source
+44 1235 778997 (office: M,T,T)
+44 7471 026103 (mobile)

Principal Investigator: Protein Crystallography
Structural Genomics Consortium
Oxford University
+44 1865 617583 (office: W,F)