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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral position in Structural Biology

post-doctoral position (
iology) is available in the RAS initiative
​ ​
at Frederick National 
Laboratory for Cancer Research (operated by Leidos Biomedical Research for NCI)

Please visit the link below for more details and instructions on how to apply:

The structural biology group in the RAS initiative focuses on structural analysis of KRAS mutants and biologically relevant KRAS activator/effector complexes in support of drug discovery efforts and to further understand the biochemistry of RAS proteins. We are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral fellow to join our group. Highly motivated candidates who recently obtained a Ph.D. with a strong background in biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology are encouraged to apply. This post-doc will work closely with the protein production group and carry out structural studies on oncogenic KRAS complexed with effectors, GAPs, regulators and small molecules. We use X-ray crystallography, NMR, molecular modeling, and other biophysical techniques for structural characterization.

The candidate will be expected to be able to participate in experimental design and to independently conduct experiments in a priority-driven environment. The candidate should have the ability to act both independently and as a part of the RAS team in pursuit of specific research goals and objectives. The structural biology group in the RAS initiative works very closely with the biochemistry and biophysics group, and is well equipped with crystallization robotics, in-house X-ray generator, and has regular access to the synchrotron beamline at Argonne.