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[ccp4bb] JOB POSTING: Research positions in Antibody-Assisted Structure-Based Drug Discovery - University of Leicester/UCB/MRC-Technology

Dear All,

The University of Leicester, MRC Technology and UCB have formed a research consortium to develop the innovative use of antibodies as powerful tools in structure-based drug discovery and design (SBD3). This will allow the identification of new opportunities for drug discovery, including novel regulatory or allosteric sites and protein conformational states, as well as providing a structural framework to guide the design of potential small molecule therapeutics.

The Antibody-Assisted Structure-Based Drug Discovery Consortium is seeking to recruit four talented and highly motivated research scientists, with a balance of proven expertise in NMR and X-ray based structural biology. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to an important new area of translational research, with the potential to revolutionise knowledge-based drug discovery. The research staff will be based in Prof. Mark Carr’s structural biology research group at the University of Leicester, but there will be extensive interactions with research scientists at both MRC Technology and UCB.

The Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology is superbly equipped for all aspects of X-ray and NMR-based structural biology, including 600 (x2) and 800 MHz Bruker NMR spectrometers with cryoprobes, a Rigaku X-ray diffraction system, multiple robotic systems for preparing crystal screens, excellent computer facilities and a range of AKTA FPLC protein chromatography systems. The Consortium projects will also have access to excellent research facilities within the MRC Technology and UCB laboratories, including world- leading antibody selection and production facilities.

Informal enquiries are welcome and should made to Prof. Mark Carr, Tel: +44 (0)116 229 7075, Email: mdc12@le.ac.uk.

The closing date for this post is midnight on 26 October 2016.


With best wishes,





Aude Echalier

Lecturer in Structural Biology

Departments of Molecular and Cell Biology and of Cancer Studies

University of Leicester, Henry Wellcome Building, Lancaster Road, Leicester, LE1 9HN, UK


t. +44(0) 116 229 7120

e. aude.echalier@le.ac.uk





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