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[ccp4bb] Job posting: PhD and postdoc positions "Structural biology of plant signal transduction" University of Geneva, Switzerland

Dear all,

A PhD and a postdoctoral position are available in the Structural Plant Biology Laboratory at University of Geneva, Switzerland. Our lab is interested in novel signal transduction pathways in plants, and we combine X-ray protein crystallography and biochemistry with cell biology and genetics in Arabidopsis to dissect them in molecular detail.

For the PhD position, please see: http://web.structplantbio.org/?page_id=852

For the postdoc position, please see: http://web.structplantbio.org/?page_id=835

Thank you & best regards,

Michael Hothorn

Michael Hothorn, Associate Professor
Structural Plant Biology Laboratory
Department of Botany and Plant Biology
Sciences III
University of Geneva
30 Quai E. Ansermet
1211 Geneva
Email: michael.hothorn@unige.ch
Phone: +41 22 379 3552 (Mdm Martine Mir)