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[ccp4bb] RA/SRA position in Drug Discovery at Newcastle University - application deadline 24/1/2018

Dear all,

Could I direct your attention to the availability of an RA/SRA  position to join the structure/biophysics team in the Drug Discovery program of the NICR, Newcastle University. 

The post is tenable for up to 2 years, and will allow someone to join an extremely well resourced drug discovery team with a proven track record of delivering compounds into clinical use, clinical trials, or as biological probes in the community.  Our team works closely with academic and commercial partners, most recently through a deeply enjoyable alliance arrangement with Astex Pharmaceuticals. As suc,h this post will provide excellent exposure to the process of drug discovery at the interface between academia and industry.  I, for one, absolutely love the work we do here.

Further details of the post are available at:

although informal questions can be addressed to myself (martin.noble@ncl.ac.uk) or Jane Endicott (jane.endicott@ncl.ac.uk).

With thanks and best wishes,