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[ccp4bb] Post-doctoral Position in Buffalo, NY USA

Please share this notice with potential candidates:

A post-doctoral position is available immediately in the Gulick Lab at the Hauptman-Woodward Institute in Buffalo, NY.

Our research focuses on the structural biology of natural product biosynthesis. We use a multi-disciplinary approach that includes biochemistry, enzymology, structural biology, and microbiology to understand the synthesis of natural products, the diversity of products, and the role those products play in microbial physiology. We have additionally developed high throughput screens to identify chemical probes that modulate enzyme activity for understanding these structure/function and biology relationships. 

We are seeking highly motivated candidates who will contribute to our on-going studies of nonribosomal peptide synthetases and other proteins involved in bacterial natural product biosynthesis. The ideal candidate will have a proven track-record in protein biochemistry, structural biology, or microbiology.   

The Hauptman-Woodward Institute is an independent research institute with a long tradition in both crystallographic methods development and structural studies of important biomedical problems. HWI is affiliated with the University at Buffalo and serves as the Department of Structural Biology within the UB Medical School. 

Interested candidates should send a single PDF file containing a cover letter, CV, and brief (1-2 pg.) research summary to:

Thank you,
Andrew M. Gulick, Ph.D.
Hauptman-Woodward Institute and
Dept. of Structural Biology, SUNY at Buffalo
700 Ellicott St Buffalo, NY 14203