Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

CCP4 exists to produce and support a world-leading, integrated suite of programs that allows researchers to determine macromolecular structures by X-ray crystallography, and other biophysical techniques. CCP4 aims to develop and support the development of cutting edge approaches to experimental determination and analysis of protein structure, and integrate these approaches into the suite. CCP4 is a community based resource that supports the widest possible researcher community, embracing academic, not for profit, and for profit research. CCP4 aims to play a key role in the education and training of scientists in experimental structural biology. It encourages the wide dissemination of new ideas, techniques and practice.

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CCP4 Software Suite
The current version is CCP4 6.5 (18 December 2014). The new packages include:
  • Privateer-validate: validation of carbohydrate structures
  • Feckless: combination of multilattice files from Mosflm for Pointless and Aimless
  • Acedrg: chemoinformatics support for Refmac
  • Blend: optimum selection of multi-crystal datasets for merging
  • Crank-2: conceptually redesigned and considerably improved Crank pipeline for automatic experimental phasing
The updated packages include ARP/wARP 7.5; refmac5.8; phaser 2.5.6; aimless 0.5.1; pointless 1.9.23; prosmart 0.8.45; buccaneer 1.6.0; Coot 0.8.1; CCP4MG 2.10.0; and many others.
CCP4 Study Weekend 2016
CCP4 special issue Proceedings of the 2014 Study Weekend on Crystallography and complementary methods are now available. For more information about past events see details of past Study Weekends and proceedings.
CCP4 Online Automated Webservices
BALBES NEW! The CCP4-online webserver is now available. Users can make use of BALBES and MrBUMP, the automated molecular replacement services. Zanuda, the refinement result checking software and PISA for the calculation and analysis of macromolecular surfaces and interfaces are also available. To access the services please click here.
CCP4 Documentation Wiki
CCP4 Wiki For up-to-date documentation on all of CCP4's software and lots of other useful information for X-ray crystallographers see the CCP4 Wiki.
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