Installing Morda using CCP4 Package Manager

Mac OS X

The easiest way is perhaps to use the CCP4 Package Manager from CCP4 Download page, where it is enclosed in a disk image that also includes graphical authentication tool in case the installation is to be done from administrative account. Download the disk image, open it, double click on the Xtal icon, select the same installation type as you have previously used when installing ccp4-7.0, provide admin password if requested and follow the installation steps below.

Linux or Mac OS X with ccp4-7.0 installed under your current user account

Open a file browser and navigate to the folder where you have previously installed ccp4-7.0 and then to subfolders ccp4-7.0 and bin. Double click on the executable file ccp4sm and follow the installation steps below.

Linux with root account (e.g. Cent OS) and with ccp4-7.0 installed under root

Login to root account and continue as above.

Command line

Execute the following command


if ccp4-7.0 has been installed under your user account, or

sudo /full_path_to_ccp4_installation_directory/ccp4-7.0/bin/ccp4sm

if ccp4 was installed under root or admin account, and follow the installation steps below.

Installation steps

Linking standalone Morda installation to ccp4-7.0 installation

Morda can be installed outside of the ccp4-7.0 directory from a tar-ball available from CCP4 Download page or Morda homepage. To make CCP4 interfaces aware of this standalone installation, edit the file ccp4-7.0/bin/morda_mp (this file has been added through CCP4 updates) and replace the values assigned to system variables MRD_DB and MRD_PROG with the full paths to Morda top directory and appropriate bin-directory inside it.

For example, if the Morda top directory is /Applications/MoRDa_DB, the content of the edited file ccp4-7.0/bin/morda will have to be as follows

#!/bin/sh -e
export MRD_DB=/Applications/MoRDa_DB
export MRD_PROG=/Applications/MoRDa_DB/bin_mac
exec ccp4-python -m morda "${@}"

On Linux operation system use bin_linux instead of bin_mac. On old Linux machines with 32-bit processors (do they still exist?) use bin_lin32.

The linked Morda installation will not be updated via ccp4-7.0 updates and will have to be managed independently. However, the ccp4i and ccp4i2 interfaces will behave in the same way as for Morda installed using CCP4 Package Manager.

Previously installed Morda can be linked to ccp4-7.0 in the same way.