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ccp4_errno.h File Reference

#include <errno.h>

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#define CCP4_ERRSYSTEM(x)   (((x)&0xfff)<<24)
#define CCP4_ERRLEVEL(x)   (((x)&0xf)<<16)
#define CCP4_ERRSETLEVEL(y, x)   ((y) & (~CCP4_ERRLEVEL(0xf)) | CCP4_ERRLEVEL(x)))
#define CCP4_ERRGETSYS(x)   (((x)>>24)&0xfff)
#define CCP4_ERRGETLEVEL(x)   (((x)>>16)&0xf)
#define CCP4_ERRGETCODE(x)   ((x)&0xffff)
#define CCP4_ERR_SYS   CCP4_ERRSYSTEM(0x0)
#define CCP4_ERR_MTZ   CCP4_ERRSYSTEM(0x3)
#define CCP4_ERR_MAP   CCP4_ERRSYSTEM(0x4)
#define CCP4_ERR_SYM   CCP4_ERRSYSTEM(0x7)
#define CCP4_ERR_GEN   CCP4_ERRSYSTEM(0x8)
#define CCP4_COUNT(x)   sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0])


void ccp4_error (const char *)
const char * ccp4_strerror (int)
void ccp4_fatal (const char *)
int ccp4_liberr_verbosity (int iverb)
void ccp4_signal (const int, const char *const, void(*)())
int cfile_perror (const char *)


int ccp4_errno

Detailed Description

Header file for error handling routines base error codes on system errors.

Function Documentation

void ccp4_error const char *    msg

Print out passed message and internal message based upon ccp4_errno "message : error message "

message  (const char *)

void ccp4_fatal const char *    message

Wrapper for ccp4_error which also calls exit(1)

message  (const char *)

int ccp4_liberr_verbosity int    iverb

Function to set verbosity level for messages from ccp4_signal. Currently just off (0) and on (1). It should be generalised to be able to switch individual components on and off, i.e. replace 1 by a mask. cf. ccp4VerbosityLevel which sets the verbosity level for ccp4printf These are separate as they may be used differently.

iverb  If >= 0 then set the verbosity level to the value of iverb. If < 0 (by convention -1) then report current level.
current verbosity level

void ccp4_signal const int    code,
const char *const    msg,
void(*    callback)()

Routine to set ccp4_errno and print out message for error tracing. This should be the only way in which ccp4_errno is set. See error codes above for levels and systems. A callback with prototype void function(void) may also be passed to the routine. Note: FATAL calls exit(1). If ccp4_liberr_verbosity returns 0, then ccp4_signal sets ccp4_errno and returns without doing anything else.

error  code (int)
message  (const char * const)
callback  (point to routine void (*)(void) )

const char* ccp4_strerror int    error

Obtain character string based upon error code. Typical use ccp4_strerror(ccp4_errno) The returned string is statically allocated in the library_err.c file and should not be freed.

error  code (int)
const pointer to error message (const char *)

Variable Documentation

int ccp4_errno

@global ccp4_errno: global variable that stores the error last error code from the ccp4 libraries | 12 bits - library | 4 bits - level | 16 bits - code |

associated macros CCP4_ERR_SYS 0 OS error CCP4_ERR_FILE 1 io library CCP4_ERR_COORD 2 mmdb CCP4_ERR_MTZ 3 cmtz CCP4_ERR_MAP 4 map io CCP4_ERR_UTILS 5 utility routines CCP4_ERR_PARS 6 parser routines CCP4_ERR_SYM 7 csymlib

and bit manipulation CCP4_ERRSYSTEM system mask for setting CCP4_ERRLEVEL error level mask CCP4_ERRSETLEVEL error level mask for setting error level CCP4_ERRGETSYS mask for returning system CCP4_ERRGETLEVEL mask for returning level CCP4_ERRGETCODE mask for returning the code

error levels 0 Success 1 Informational 2 Warning 3 Error 4 Fatal