CCP4 v6.4.0 Program Changes


A list of general acknowledgements for testing CCP4 v6.4.0 can be found here.

New programs:
* New programs * QTRVIEW: output viewing program * CCP4UM: update mechanism * QTPISA: graphical version of pisa * Program changes: * PHASER: update to 2.5.5 * REFMAC5: update to 5.8 * CTRUNCATE: update to 1.12.2 * AIMLESS: update to 0.2.1 * POINTLESS: update to 1.8.4 * DIMPLE: update to 1.2 (now works on Windows) * Graphical User Interface * import from imosflm quickscale * crossec interface for estimation on anomalous scattering * Documentation * All documentation is now in the directory 'html'. The doc and man directories have been removed. * CCP4 FAQ has been removed. * Coot * Coot now included in CCP4 Linux binary distributions

Program changes:

Graphical User Interface: