CCP4 and Structural Genomics

Structural Genomics is a new interdisciplinary research area. The current mass production of sequence data requires a comparable systematic effort in protein structure determination. X-ray Crystallography provides very accurate high resolution structures, and large macromolecules and complex molecular assemblies are now routinely tackled. These structures reveal the workings of biological molecules which are crucial for rational drug design and the diagnosis and treatment of disease, as well as in the advancement of the basic principles of biology.

CCP4, as the providers of one of the largest and most comprehensive software suites in protein crystallography, have a crucial role to play in the structural genomics effort. The CCP4 interface "ccp4i" already provides a means to automate the use of CCP4 programs, and we will continue to develop these facilities so that the suite can be used in routine high throughput structure determination.

Structural Genomics Initiatives

There are now many initiatives, and we cannot provide a comprehensive list. Here is a short list of initiatives we have had some contact with. CCP4 welcomes further contacts.