SRS PX Users Meeting
University of York
3 January 2002.


This is an invitation for all SRS PX users and associates, who will be attending the CCP4 Study Weekend on Fri/Sat 4-5 January 2002 at York University.

Participants in the Jan 2001 meeting expressed a desire for this forum to be continued, and CCP4 kindly agreed to accommodate this arrangement. The same arrangements will be used for the next meeting, i.e. Thursday 3 January 2002, the day before the CCP4 study weekend, when many delegates will be arriving. There will be coffee/tea refreshments at 14:30. The meeting will start at 15:00, with Science presentations, station reports and a discussion session. The scheduled close of the meeting is 18:00. It is hoped that many people will be able to afford this time, during term holiday, to discuss matters of common interest.

It is hoped that at least one representative from each 'user group' (more than one per University or Dept) would be able to attend, along with prospective users and anyone else with an interest in the PX facilities at Daresbury. There is no registration fee, but it is necessary to know the numbers attending, for dinner bookings. Please 'register' your intention to attend below, or by e-mail to Pierre Rizkallah (

Please bring this message to the attention of anyone who might be interested or able to attend.

The meeting will take place in the Auditorium, where the CCP4 meeting will also take place. Please consult the agenda ( of the meeting. Some topics will be earmarked for the discussion session, but suggestions will be accepted gladly by the PX Users Group Chairman, Prof. David Stuart.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Pierre Rizkallah

If you have Netscape (seems to cope with this form) please submit the following details or please email Pierre Rizkallah ( the below details: