CCP4 Study Weekend Proceedings (Back copies)

Up to and including 1997, the proceedings of the CCP4 Study Weekends were published by CLRC Daresbury Laboratory, and back copies are available from the Daresbury Library. Due to the large demand for copies of the proceedings we have had to start charging. Charges are intended to cover copying and distribution costs. Current charges are 10 UK pounds for each copy. In order to simplify things at this end, please send a cheque for the approximate amount in your currency with your request. Cheques should be made payable to `CCLRC' (nothing else, please, or we have problems with them).

The charges may be waived under circumstances of hardship. No charges will be made for copies collected from Daresbury Laboratory.

Please address requests to:

  Maeri Howard Eales
  Daresbury Laboratory
  Warrington WA4 4AD,  UK 
  Phone: (+44/0)1925 603929, FAX: (+44/0)1925 603825
The available CCP4 Daresbury Study Weekend Proceedings are:
  • 1980) Refinement of protein structures. DL/SCI/R16. Contents Available.
  • 1985) Molecular replacement. DL/SCI/R23. Contents Available.
  • 1987) Computational aspects of protein crystal data analysis. DL/SCI/R25. Contents Available.
  • 1988) Improving protein phases. DL/SCI/R26. Contents Available.
  • 1989) Molecular simulation and protein crystallography. DL/SCI/R27. Contents Available.
  • 1990) Accuracy and reliability of macromolecular crystal structures.. Contents Available.
  • 1991) Isomorphous replacement and anomalous scattering. DL/SCI/R32. Contents Available.
  • 1992) Molecular replacement. DL/SCI/R33. Contents Available.
  • 1993) Data Collection and Processing. DL/SCI/R34. Contents Available.
  • 1994) From First Map to Final Model. DL/SCI/R35. Contents Available.
  • also:
  • 1995) Making the Most of your Model. DL-CONF-95-001. Contents Available.
  • 1996) Macromolecular Reinement. DL-CONF-96-001. Contents Available. also:
  • 1997) Recent Advances in Phasing. DL-CONF-97-001
  • (Electronic version available here)

    From 1998 onwards, the proceedings are published by Acta Cryst. D as a special issue. Please note that Daresbury Library do not distribute back copies for these; please contact your library or the journal. The Study Weekends involved are:

  • 1998) Databases for Macromolecular Crystallographers
  • 1999) Data Collection and Processing
  • 2000) Low Resolution Phasing
  • 2001) Molecular Replacement and its Relatives. (Preface available in pdf format)
  • 2002) High-throughput structure determination
  • 2003) Experimental Phasing
  • 2004) Model Building and Refinement
  • 2005) Data collection and analysis.

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