CCP4 Workshop
BCA Spring Meeting
Monday 11th April 2005
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CCP4 will be holding a workshop on Monday 11th April at Loughborough, before the main BCA Spring Meeting. The meeting will last from 1100 until 1700, and will include talks, demonstrations and hands-on sessions. Tutors confirmed so far:
Harry Powell (MRC-LMB) - data processing with Mosflm
Liz Potterton or Stuart McNicholas (York) - the CCP4 Molecular Graphics project
Paul Emsley (York) - Coot
Eleanor Dodson (York) - CCP4
Airlie McCoy (Cambridge) - molecular replacement with Phaser
Phil Evans (MRC-LMB) - CCP4
Martyn Winn (Daresury) - CCP4

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