CCP4 school: From data processing to structure refinement and beyond

23/05/2008 - 28/05/2008 APS, Argonne Laboratory, Chicago, USA

We are pleased to announce the CCP4 workshop titled

"CCP4 school: From data processing to structure refinement and beyond"

which will take place on 23-28 of May 2008 at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) near Chicago. The aim of this inaugural workshop in the USA will be to cover all areas involved in the structure solution process in macromolecular crystallography, starting from data processing, through phasing and refinement and ending with validation and deposition. There will be lectures in the morning, tutorials in the afternoons and problem solving in the evening.

The workshop will also cover many of the popular programs used for data processing and structure solution with the software developers available to help throughout the week. Programs covered will include Mosflm, Scala, HKL2000, Refmac, ArpWarp, PHENIX, Phaser, Coot, SHELXC/D/E, Balbes, Mrbump, Buccaneer and many more.

Lecturers and tutors include Anastassis Perrakis, Gerrit Langer, Phil Evans, Garib Murshudov, Tim Grune, Dominika Borek, Ethan Merritt, Kevin Cowtan....

Students are encouraged to bring their problematic datasets and are expected to articulate what the problem is. They are expected to have some experience in crystallography in general and be familiar with using the CCP4 package in particular.

Application should include a letter describing experience, the current problem you are trying to solve and a letter of support from your supervisor. Application should be sent to: Ruslan Sanishvili (Nukri) at rsanishvili "AT"

Deadline for applications is March 31. While participation in the lecture session is open, only 20 applications will be selected for tutorials and problem-solving session, and will be equipped with computers. Therefore, early application is encouraged.

Local hospitalities (accommodation and food) will be covered by the workshop. Travel expenses will be a responsibility of the applicant

Garib, Ronan and Nukri

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