WK04: A Protein Crystallographic Toolbox: the CCP4 Software Suite

A one day workshop attached to the ACA 2005, Orlando, May 28th 2005

The objective of this one-day workshop was not to teach crystallography but to teach people how to use some of the programs distributed with the CCP4 package to do protein crystallography.

The workshop was organised by Maeri Howard and Peter Briggs with financial assistance from CCP4/CCLRC and the ACA.

The original workshop programme can be found here. The presentations are available for download below, in either Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe PDF format. Many thanks to the speakers for giving their time and energy, and for allowing their presentations to be distributed.

More information on the CCP4 project can be found at http://www.ccp4.ac.uk/.

Back row, L-R: Peter Briggs, Roberto Steiner, Maria Turkenburg, Stuart McNicholas. Front row, L-R: Johan Turkenburg, Harry Powell, Paul Emsley

Download presentations

Peter Briggs, CCP4

Johan Turkenburg, University of York

  • Help! Finding your way around CCP4 [Web]

Maria Turkenburg, University of York

  • Data Processing & Analysis with MOSFLM and SCALA [PDF]

Harry Powell, MRC-LMB Cambridge

Roberto Steiner, IFOM Milan

  • CCP4 Molecular Graphics Project [PDF]

Stuart McNicholas, University of York

Paul Emsley, University of York
emsley at ysbl.york.ac.uk

With thanks to Harry Powell, Stuart McNicholas and Graeme Winter for the pictures, and to Maeri Howard for preparing the PDF files.

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