CCP4 on MacOSX

From v4.2 Mac OSX is be just part of the normal CCP4 build.

configure [....] Darwin

Before proceding I would suggest visits to

You will need:

  1. C complier: from Apple developer centre or on the developer CD which came with the OS
  2. g77 compiler: 2.95.2 for 10.0.x or 10.1.x , fink also has g77 for 10.1 in the source archive
    gcc3 will contain g77, but as yet things are not stable
  3. XFree86: if X is wanted. Binaries are available from osxgnu or from XonX
  4. CCP4: CCP4 distribution
Installation is the same as for any other supported system
  1. unzip and untar the tar file
  2. source ccp4.setup
  3. configure Darwin , add --with-x if the X programs (mosflm, etc) are wanted.
  4. make
  5. make install


fink, and probable gnu-darwin, have tcl and tk. If you have these blt should install with some hacking of the Makefile. Just in case here are

these work.

Note: bltwish works with X, not aqua.

Apple have produced an aqua based tcl/tk (although as of Feb '02 it was not that stable), as yet there is no blt.


Special thanks to Dr. Michael Love and Dr. Martin Noble
also those brave enough to test out 4.1.1: Derek Logan, William Scott

Older info about 4.1.1.