Partner: LMB (2a) Global Phasing (2b) Goettingen (3) NKI (4a) Nijmegen (6) DL (7)
Software: Mosflm SHARP SHELX arp/warp WHAT_CHECK CCP4
Web link:
Licensing: Academic: None: Except for old indexing free see ftp site electronic registration free Free with License
Licensing: Commercial: licence licence from EMBL Fee Required
Source Code: Yes No
But yes for Sushi,
Yes on signing License For some modules
More as tested
Yes Yes
Binaries: IRIX, IRIX64,
Tru64 v 5,
Intel linux, PPC/linux
IRIX, Alpha, linux IRIX, IRIX64
OSF1, Tru64
Linux (generic)
SGi, Linux PC SGi, Alphas, Linux
Other Platforms: VMS PPC/Linux All with Fortran compiler None Numerous Windows, VMS, most UNIX. MacOSX (soon)
Documentation etc.: Online HTML
Dist html/text Manual
Installation User Guide
Tutorial: MAD, SIRAS
Tutorials On web site .ps and .html files
2runnable examples
web based html docs, man pages
non/runnable examples
3rd Party software needed:CCP4 Library
Including xdl_view,
imgCIF libs
CCP4 Lib, Perl
CCP4 for AutoSHARP
(PlotMTV, O, Quanta,
DQS, NQS...)
None Full CCP4
Can use DSSP
(but functions without)
intervace requires Tcl/tk/blt
Installation: Source a build file Run installSHARP
interactive script
Use Precompiled exe's
Compile 2 source files
e.g. Makefile for source
ftp, type make configure, make
Environment: HOSTTYPE needs uname None WARPBIN None numerous