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List of Meetings

Coordination meetings:

24.11.00 Stanstead airport Funded by non-UC sources in advance of contract
05.04.01 NKI Amsterdam
21.09.01 EBI, Hinxton
25.03.02 NKI Amsterdam
18.09.02 NKI Amsterdam

The meetings were held at Amsterdam or the EBI area to minimise travel costs and times. Representatives of almost all Partner laboratories attended all the meetings. Minutes were made for each, and actions for the next 6 month periods set up.

Workshop participation:

The Partners are particularly conscientious about participating in training workshops. These workshops are time consuming but do allow the Partners to test their software against real problems, to appreciate any deficiencies in documentation and interfaces, and in addition to pass their expertise on to students from many laboratories. These workshops were not directly funded by the network as no funds for this activity were allocated to the contract.

DateTitle and Location
January 2001. Refinement workshop , York: Partner 1 organiser.
March 2001Phasing workshop, ESRF Grenoble
June 2001 Ab initio phasing workshop, Martina Franca
September 2001Data processing workshop, Uppsala: Partner 2 organiser. No AUTOSTRUCT funds.
November 2001 Workshop 'Methods in Crystallography', Hamburg: Partner 4A organiser Funded by MAXINF
January 2002CCP4 Study weekend 'High Throughput Structure Determination', University of York, U.K. Funded by CCP4
February 2002Structure validation session in bioinformatics curriculum for students selected from the elite universities, Havanna. Partner 6.
March 2002Structure validation session in summerschool homology modelling, Nijmegen. Partner 6.
April 2002 CCP4 Refinement Workshop, University of York, U.K. Funded by CCP4 & MAXINF
May 2002 EMBO Practical Course 'Automated Macromolecular Structure Solution', EMBL Heidelberg, Germany Funded by EMBO & MAXINF
May 2002From genes to drugs via crystallography. Structure validation session organized by partner 6. Erice.
July 2002 MOSFLM Training Session, ESRF Grenoble.
August 2002Third summer course on bioinformatics. Session on homology modelling and structure validation, Bologna. Partner 6.
September 2002Bristol Protein Crystallography Summer School 2002, University of Bristol, UK Funded by BCA & CCP4