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CCP4mg Diagnostic output on Windows

CCP4mg creates a directory called .CCP4MG2 (NB the initial dot) in the users 'home' area. On Windows systems the 'home' area is specified by the USERPROFILE environment variable. This is usually C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name.

When CCP4mg runs (or fails to run!) it will create two files in the .CCP4MG2 directory: ccp4mg_stderr.txt and ccp4mg_stdout.txt. You can view these files using the Wordpad program. If you have problems running CCP4mg it will be a great help to us if you can email us ( these files. The time and date of the program run is written to the top of ccp4mg_stdout.txt. These files will be overwritten by any subsequent program run so if the progam fails please save these files by renaming them immediately. It is common for the ccp4mg_stderr.txt file to be empty.